The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next

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As commercial real estate technology continues to accelerate it’s great to engage with industry leaders to gain their perspective on where we are and where we are headed as an industry. Together with one of our technology partners, and fellow Austin startup, RealMassive, we have brought to you, The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next. In this sequel to RealMassive’s The New #CREcosystem, you’ll hear from commercial real estate professionals from varying backgrounds sharing their use, opinions, and predictions related to emerging technology, digital marketing, and predictive analytics.

Below you’ll find a preview of what you’ll find in the full report – The New #CREcosystem: What’s Next.

Emerging Technology

“The arrival of self-driving cars will create a more efficient use of highways/commute times lessen, ability for employees to carpool or spend less on transit cost via fractional ownership, less parking required as autonomous vehicles can be kept in use for longer periods (drop off employee, act as an uber type service until employee w priority access requests vehicle to go to a meeting/home). Positive enviro impacts possible with electric vehicles.

Chris SandsFounder & CEO, Sands Investment Group

Digital Marketing

For multifamily, Facebook is a must-have, however, it’s like the Olive Garden of social media: everybody knows about it and has been there, but it’s not where you go for your anniversary (apologies if you do). Instagram is clearly emerging as the most engaging from a property standpoint. The focus on quality images allows management to put the property front-and-center, showcasing the best view possible. Instagram also tends to be a much more positive platform than Facebook and Twitter which is always helpful from a reputation management perspective. Snapchat and Pinterest show promise, however, it’s still a little early to make any conclusions.

– Bryant PattersonVice President of Business Intelligence, Stream Realty Partners 


We execute social media and content marketing audits consistently to understand who we are talking to, what they are interested in and where are the best places online to connect. We sometimes target specific demographics through amplification on social media. Overall we have a clear understanding of what works on what channels.

Sarah MalcolmChief Digital Strategist, The News Funnel

We would love to hear your unique perspective on how technology has influenced your brokerage. Contact us if you’re interested in continuing the conversation and download your free copy of the report to see what industry leaders predict.


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