The Role of Tech and Culture in Recruiting Top Brokers

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Today’s workplace is inescapably tied to the millennial generation. This group, aged 19-35, is the largest demographic in the country, a position they’re predicted to hold until 2050. Millennials compose about one-third of our voting-age population, and their presence in the workforce is being felt a little more every day. Millennials will comprise 50 percent of the global workforce by …

3 Ways Small Brokerages Can Compete with the Heavy Weights

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It can be intimidating. The major players in CRE (ie. CBRE, JLL, NGKF, Cushman & Wakefield) have a lot to back up those easily recognized brands. It isn’t just advertising dollars or branding. Those massive brokerages have huge teams of highly paid researchers arming their brokers with powerful data and proprietary information that the rest of the industry can’t access. …

5 Reasons to Manage Your Own Database of Properties

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Many CRE professionals manage their property databases separately from their core CRM. However, this siloed approach is quickly giving way to a more integrated data management strategy. Today’s CRE technology companies are working with CRE brokers to develop self-managing CRE databases that provide brokers with an edge on market intelligence, while automating the process of publishing client / marketing collateral. …

4 Industries Forever Changed by Technology – is CRE Next?

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We’re living in the midst of perhaps the most important revolution since the Industrial Revolution itself. There’s no denying that the technological advances of the past decades have completely changed the way that we live, work and play. In fact, technology has changed aspects of nearly every industry imaginable —some of which have become virtually unrecognizable from what they once …

7 CRE Tech Trends We're Watching for 2017

7 CRE Tech Trends We’re Watching for 2017

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In recent years, we’ve seen a boom in tech innovation specifically in the CRE market. The pace of new tools and applications that are being developed by companies continues to accelerate dramatically. Many of these CRE tech trends are immediately relevant and incredibly useful for brokers, investors, property managers, and developers –everyone with a stake in CRE. Technology holds great …

Slideshow: Data Driven Deal Making

Slideshow | Data-Driven Deal Making: 5 Metrics for Brokers to Close More Deals

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Technology is changing the way Commercial brokers are thinking about their clients and how they plan to grow their business. REthink studied hundreds of Commercial brokerages to understand how they are leveraging technology and data to find new clients, win more deals, and stay ahead of their competitors. Click below to download the slideshow.