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How to Convince Your Brokerage to Buy a CRM

Doug Scudder Best Practices 0 Comments

On your first day at your brokerage you’re given the rundown of all the resources at your disposal: the coffee machine, access to your assistant, and a login to a research tool and/or a listing service. What about a CRM? Is your brokerage maintaining and tracking data around relationships, real estate, and transactions in a centralized platform? Regardless if you’re …

REthink CRE

5 Steps to a Profitable Brokerage

Jordan Zecher Best Practices 0 Comments

The day-to-day challenges of a brokerage can be overwhelming and time intensive. With limited time on your hands it’s easy to get caught up in making strategic decisions and forget the basics. We all want to close more deals in less time, but a framework needs to remain in place to ensure success. To reach the full potential of your …

REthink CRE

3 Ways Small Brokerages Can Compete with the Heavy Weights

REthink Marketing Team Industry Perspective 0 Comments

It can be intimidating. The major players in CRE (ie. CBRE, JLL, NGKF, Cushman & Wakefield) have a lot to back up those easily recognized brands. It isn’t just advertising dollars or branding. Those massive brokerages have huge teams of highly paid researchers arming their brokers with powerful data and proprietary information that the rest of the industry can’t access. …