Close More Deals in the New Year

2017 New Year’s Resolution: Close More Deals

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If you want to grow your brokerage next year, you have two options: either increase efficiency or spend more money. We have already talked about one great way to be more efficient in 2017 but planning isn’t the only tool available to brokerages. Your CRM can do a lot more than just keep all of your contacts in one place. A (good) …

9 Must-Know CRE Tech Players in 2017

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CRE technology seems to be changing almost every day. From mergers and acquisitions to new startups hitting the market, it can be tough to keep track of all the major players and what each of them actually does. That is what drove us to put together this helpful guide defining best of breed technology for CRE professionals. Each of these …


Four Steps to Guarantee Your Brokerage Will Win in 2017

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Building and running a successful commercial real estate brokerage takes time. Along the way you’ll adjust your processes, sometimes you may even completely revamp your strategy to fit the evolving needs of your clients. As you start thinking about goal setting and planning for 2017, follow these four steps: 1. Ask Yourself “What Is My Ultimate Goal?” Of course the …