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5 Ways a Quality CRM Can Power Up Your Lead Conversion

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Compared to commercial real estate sales, the pool for residential real estate leads seems bottomless. There are always individuals and families looking for a good home. But for commercial real estate agents, you’ll need to put some power behind your lead conversion strategy, and a quality CRM can be a great way to do it. Better Relationships Lead to More …

Getting Tech Buy-In From Your Team: Gen X vs. Millennial

Getting Tech Buy-In From Your CRE Team: Gen X vs. Millennial

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Whether you’re implementing a new brokerage-wide CRM or want to change your listing presentation to an interactive solution for iPad, any new technology can cause ruffled feathers if you don’t do your part to encourage buy-in from your team. This gets even more complicated as our workforce continues to change and the differences between Millennials and Gen X’ers become more …


4 Reasons to Ditch Your Little Black Book

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As a whole, the real estate industry to-date hasn’t been known to be an early adopter when it comes to technology. But, that won’t hold true forever! If you’ve been carrying around a little black book full of prospects and clients or are constantly updating your Excel spreadsheet with incoming leads or properties / spaces you are tracking —it’s time …


4 Industries Forever Changed by Technology – is CRE Next?

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We’re living in the midst of perhaps the most important revolution since the Industrial Revolution itself. There’s no denying that the technological advances of the past decades have completely changed the way that we live, work and play. In fact, technology has changed aspects of nearly every industry imaginable —some of which have become virtually unrecognizable from what they once …