4 Wins CRE Brokerages Need From Cloud Software

4 Wins CRE Brokerages Need From Cloud Software

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Most people have a vague idea that “cloud-based” software platforms are used over the internet and store data on a server instead of any one device. But what does using a cloud-based platform mean for your brokerage? What does it actually do that helps you close more deals? Your Data is Everywhere Instead of data (like a contact or information …

Slideshow: Data Driven Deal Making

Slideshow | Data-Driven Deal Making: 5 Metrics for Brokers to Close More Deals

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Technology is changing the way Commercial brokers are thinking about their clients and how they plan to grow their business. REthink studied hundreds of Commercial brokerages to understand how they are leveraging technology and data to find new clients, win more deals, and stay ahead of their competitors. Click below to download the slideshow.